Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The One I Got to Keep

I often dwell on the sons that I lost
But that dwelling comes at a very high cost
Because I almost forget about the son I got to keep
The one who curls up in my lap and drifts off to sleep
The one who plays for hours with trains and blocks
The one who is learning to put on his own shoes and socks
The one who is growing up more and more each day
The one who will one day be all grown up and moving away
So I know I need to savor all of these days
And make a conscience effort to step out of my haze
Because this little boy lived and I need to live too
And he is there each day to make sure that I do
Because he tugs at my hand and tells me to come play
He is a child ready to seize each and every day
Yes this little boy is the one who survived
And when I look at him my spirit is revived
The pain of my loss is so very deep
But I thank God every day for the one I got to keep