Saturday, May 24, 2008

It has been one year this week since I found out that I was pregnant. It was the happiest time of my life. I had waited so long to be pregnant and I finally was. I cannot believe how much has happened in one year. To go from thinking you will never have a child to thinking you are having three, then two, and now just one all in a year's time is very tough. However in my heart I will always be a mother of triplets. I will always be Brady and Ben's mommy just as I am Braxton's mommy- they just live in heaven now. I have to believe that I will see them both again one day or I simply won't be able to get through the day. We may try to have more children again in the future but they will never replace the two that I have lost. Braxton will always be one of three. I will always let him know just how special his brothers were and just how special he is as well. He is my miracle baby but my heart still aches for my other two. They were all my miracle babies because they made a mother out of a woman who thought she would never have the chance to be one. So today I reflect on the hardest year of my life and I am filled with just about every emotion one can feel-sadness, happiness, relief, fear, anger, guilt, shock, etc... There will never be another year like it.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What its like to be a NICU mommy

What its like to be a NICU mommy

Everyone has seen the happy mommies at the hospital
They stand at the glass window in their robe and admire their baby
Their tiny, perfect little baby
They stand there and they dream about the endless possibilities for this child’s future
Family gathers around them and they take pictures
Congratulations are passed around and hugs are shared
But down the hall behind closed doors there are other mommies
These mommies also wear robes and stand and stare at their babies
But their babies are not so perfect
Something has gone wrong
These mommies stand and peer in at the tiny windows of the incubator
Their babies have tubes down their throat and wires on their chests
There are no congratulations being passed around
In fact there is little being said
These mothers all had hopes and dreams for their child’s future too
However now these mothers just hope that these babies live to have a future
Yet in those brief moments when these mommies get to reach in and touch their baby
Something changes
For one brief moment these mommies are just the same as the mothers down the hall
They are just mother and child bonding like nature intended
Then an alarm goes off or a baby begins to die and they are quickly brought back to the reality of where they are
This is nothing like nature intended
Something has gone wrong
Terribly wrong
They are NICU mommies
A title they did not seek but has found them all the same
Yet the mommies down the hall with the perfect babies and perfect lives are oblivious
And so it goes….

Mother's Day-Bittersweet

This was a really hard weekend for me with it being mother's day. Mother's day was always hard for me when I was going through infertility. I always thought once I had a baby that mother's day would get easier. However, this year I do have a baby but Mother's day was not what I thought it would be since I also lost two babies this year. To be honest I would have rather skipped the day altogether. I wrote two poems the other night when I was feeling sorry for myself. Here they are:

Mother’s Day

Today was my first mother’s day
Today was my last mother’s day
Today was my best day
Today was my worst day
Today I held one sweet baby in my arms
Today I held two sweet babies in my heart
Today one precious baby rests in his crib
Today two precious babies rest in their grave
Today my heart breaks
Today my heart hurts
Today sucks

Where have your brothers gone?

I fed you today and watched you discover your hands
I was happy for one brief moment and I smiled
Then I thought to myself “Oh sweet boy where have your brothers gone?”
They should be here next to you
They should be here discovering their hands
They should be here for you
They should be here for me
They should be here period
But they are not here
They will never discover their hands
They will never take their first step
They will never speak their first word
For they have taken their last breath
You don’t even know what you have lost
But I know
I know and I wonder “Where have your brothers gone?”
Just months ago I had six little hands and feet kicking inside of me
But today there are only two little hands being discovered and yet inside of me something still kicks
The reality of death kicks me so hard it takes my breath away

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Brady's Poem

I’ll See You Later Brady

“I’ll see you later Brady” were the words that I would say

As I left your hospital room day after day

And sometimes you would smile and open your eyes

Or sometimes you would sleep through my loving goodbyes

But through it all you were such as sweet little boy

Who brought all you met so much laugher and joy

And now you are free from all your suffering and pain

But mine is still here and will always remain

Yet the one thing that will get me through these darkest of days

Is knowing that we will meet again in life’s after phase

So until that day comes my sweet little son

I will leave you the same as I have always done

Go play with your brother and enjoy your heavenly stay

I’ll see you later Brady, momma loves you-okay

Ben's Poem


Though you left me before we ever really met
The time you spent within me I will never forget
I felt your sweet kicks inside my womb
But because there were three there wasn’t much room
So God took you back before you suffered too much
But also before you felt my motherly touch
When you were born they took you away
They said they were sorry about “Baby A”
Yet to me you are now just as you were then
Not “Baby A” but my baby Ben
Your brothers survived but were so very small
But we knew you were there watching over us all
Braxton grew big and came home to play
But Brady got sick and had to stay
Day after day he put up a great fight
But he finally got tired and that was alright
Because we knew that he had you waiting up above
To welcome him home and show him your love
So take care of your brother my sweet little Ben
Momma loves you and momma loves him

The Story of My Two Angel Babies-Brady and Ben and Their Brother Braxton

The story of me and my three baby boys is such a long and complicated one that it is hard to know where to start. Therefore, I will just start from the beginning. I found out in June 2007 that I was pregnant with triplets. I was shocked, scared, happy, excited, nervous, and pretty much every other emotion that you can imagine all at the same time. My husband, Michael, and I had tried for years to have a baby so this seemed like a triple blessing. I was sent to a high risk doctor to monitor my pregnancy very close since it was such a high risk pregnancy. Week by week went by and I continued to have no problems. I eventually found out that I was expecting three baby boys. I couldn't believe it. Some of you may have read the blog that I started about my pregnancy. I did this because so many people were so interested in a triplet pregnancy that they wanted to know every aspect of all of my doctor's appointmets. I had ultrasound after ultrasound done and each time I was told the same thing-you have three healthy baby boys. This soon changed.....

On Nov 2, 2007 I began having contractions at only 26 weeks pregnant. I had just had an ultrasound on Oct 23 and everything looked great and I was still showing no signs of starting to dialate so this took me completely by surprise. Michael took me to the hospital where they confirmed that I was indeed in labor. For four days they tried to stop my labor but when they finally did an ultrasound (after me pleading for one for days) they discovered that my precious Baby A (Ben) did not have a heartbeat. They told me that they would not know what had happened until I delivered them and since it was obvious that Ben's death was causing my labor they were not sure if they would be able to stop it or if they even wanted to. The next morning on Nov 6, 2007 I had dialated too far and had to have an emergency C-section. Ben was stillborn and it was obvious at birth that his cord had become twisted which caused his death. Baby B (Braxton) was born weighing 1 pound 13 ounces and Baby C (Brady) was born weighing 1 pound 12 ounces. Obviously Braxton and Brady were sent to the NICU but we were told that they were breathing well and doing quite well for 26 weekers. Braxton continued to do well and just had to get big enough to come home. On Jan 7, 2008 Braxton came home from the NICU and is now an almost 12 pound healthy baby boy. Brady began having trouble with his intestines just two weeks after birth and was sent to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. After almost five months and 3 surgeries, Brady passed away in my arms on March 29, 2008. We never got to bring him home from the hospital. For the past month, my husband and I have tried to settle back into some sort of normal life with our surviving triplet son Braxton. However we know that our life will never be normal again. I miss my babies so very much. Brady was such a fighter and I felt that he deserved to live but God had other plans. I have been seeing a grief counselor and she suggested that it may be healthy for me to journal or blog about my feelings so this is my attempt to that. I hope that by just jotting down what I am feeling each day that it will help to heal my heart just a little. More to come...